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Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are
Together! is an Ethiopian disability and development organisation, comitted to holistic educational, professional, psycho-social and material support for visually impaired people in Ethiopia. Our vision is to see an inclusive society in which people with visual impairment participate equally and to their full potentials in education as well as in meaningful and sustainable jobs.

Aim and Objectives

Together!'s aim is to contribute to an inclusive Ethiopian society by focusing on capacity building through rehabilitation, education, profession and capacity building among the visually impaired community. We focus on the following objectives:
1. Improved access to education and up-to-date information as well as to the vocational and professional sector for visually impaired individuals.



Together! focuses on awareness-raising Dialogue and Dinner in the Dark encounters - a dinner or cultural program taking place in complete darkness - for interested sighted individuals and groups.


How can I donate?

You have different options to make a donation. You can either donate online following our donation-button using paypal or you can send a transaction to:
Together! Ethiopian Residents Charity
United Band S.C.
Account No. 1041816007566023
Hilton Branch
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia