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Balemayet Wist Mayet

ባለማየትውስጥማየት"Balemayet Wist Mayet"

ባለማየትውስጥማየት"Balemayet Wist Mayet” is an exhibition of experimental artworks made by twelve women and men with visual impairment who experimented for the first time since the loss of their sight with professional art techniques and materials – and thereby created incredible works of art!!!

The group of artists consists of eight women and four men who became blind at different stages of their life and currently engage in different project components of Together! Ethiopian Residents Charity Organization, a local non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Addis Ababa.

The organization aims to contribute to the inclusion of people with visual impairment into the society and therefore provides special skill trainings like basic computer-, language- and business trainings as well as complementary psycho-social rehabilitation services.

In March 2014, Together!embarked on a new project of rehabilitation: art for people with visual impairment and conducted its first three-day Illustration Workshop through a fund obtained from Hife für Afrika e.V. organized by Minas Girma, an Ethiopian artist and Barbara Nascimbeni, a German-Italian children's book illustrator.


The exhibition's title "Balemayet Wist Mayet” was given by the group of visually impaired artists and refers to the special beauty of seeing that lies within blindness and was organized in collaboration with Asni Art Gallery, a well known art gallery and Café frequented by national and international art lovers and visitors. The income gained out of the sold art pieces will be used as a donation for Together! Ethiopia and as incentive for the engaged artists. Apart from serving as a great encouragement for the blind artists to engage more and more in the world of creativity and art work, the exhibition undeniably contributes to the inclusive  development of art galleries around the city and awareness raising that artists with disabilities can be involved in such a business.

The exhibition that started on May 9, 2014 will be open for visit at Asni Art Gallery until June 14, 2014.