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An Important visit by the First Lady of the Republic of Poland

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ethiopia has been closely cooperating with Together! Since 2015. It has done a great deal to strengthen Together!’s endeavor to boost the capacity of persons with visual impairment so as to enable them achieve  success in all aspects of life.

In this regard, the Embassy has made unwavering financial, material and moral support enabling Together! To embark on income generating projects in which visually impaired beneficiaries are to engage and become self-supporting and productive members of the society. Besides, the Embassy has been supporting projects in which visually impaired young men and women have been able to discover their respective talents and facilitating platforms where they could demonstrate their talents  in areas such as art works, fashion and dance shows at occasions, such as the National Day of Poland and venues such as the Sheraton Hotel and Ethio/Alliance Française

Moreover, whenever high-ranking officials and dignitaries come from Poland to Ethiopia, the Embassy  has been arranging visits to Together! By such officials and dignitaries.

 The visit made by the First Lady of the Republic of Poland Mrs. Agata Kornhauser – Duda is the  most important visit. The First Lady visited Together! accompanied by Mrs. Anna Burylo, the wife of the current Polish Ambassador to Ethiopia, on Monday May 8, 2017. The visit lasted for about an hour from a quarter to 3  until a quarter to  4.

 When the First Lady and her entourage arrived at the headquarters of Together! neatly dressed children of visually impaired parents from the Drop-in Center of the Organization, the Executive Directors and all staff members of Together! made a very warm well come to the visitors. At the occasion, the children sang a beautiful well come song and presented flowers to the First Lady and other visitors after which, the Executive Directors made a well come speech and explained in general terms what Together! has been doing. In return, The First Lady made an inspiring speech expressing her delight at her visit and assuring of her government’s desire to continue its support for Together!!

Following this,  the First Lady and other visitors went around the different work units where they were briefed by the work unit leaders regarding the project activities in their respective project components.  Lastly, a coffee ceremony was held in a completely darkened room for the visitors as a brief demonstration of “dinner-in-the dark” program one of the major awareness raising events frequently conducted by Together!. 

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